Best affordable men’s watch brands

Adorning your wrist with a stylish timepiece helps you add a special wave of elegance to your outlook. Thinking of going for style in choosing your items, you go through an over-thinking process of calculating your budget and the price ranges that suit your wallet. In order to make things much easier for you, we have done research on your part to save your time and energies. Have a look at our top selected watch brands that not only lie in affordable range but also prove to be the best among the cheaper watchmaker companies.

  • Seiko
  • Citizen
  • Orient
  • Tissot
  • Timex
  • Casio
  • G-Shock
  • Shinola

Let’s now discuss each brand separately to help you choose the one that suits your taste the best.


Seiko is a pretty large group and is a Japanese watchmaker company. It makes impressive timepieces with fascinating styles and incredible accuracy. Everything’s made in-house. The price and quality are two entities that this brand focuses on a lot. So much so that you can get watches with really admirable designs even under $300-$200.

A seiko watch
A Seiko Watch

A very admired watch of this brand is Seiko Coutura. This is a beautiful watch with a great look, quality, and operation. The fact that it’s solar powered makes it more appealing to the senses. Thus this watch is no doubt a wonderful choice for those who want to add more elegance to their personality.


This is a watchmaker brand that is famous in the industry as the largest timepiece manufacturer. Their quality is no doubt praiseworthy. With innovative technology and budget-friendly timepieces, this brand has attracted a great number of watch lovers and is continuing to do so.

A Citizen Slim Watch
A Citizen Slim Watch

Their renowned Eco-Drive needs special mention here as this amazing watch has been greatly successful in gaining the admiration and attention of customers. It is solar powered and with its beauty and charm, it can make an impressive addition to the wardrobe of watch collectors.


Orient is Japan’s largest producer of mechanical timepieces that depict classic styles and are a distinct and separate subsidiary of Seiko brand. It is an in-house manufacturer and has produced a number of handsomely made dress watches which may offer the best-priced entry-level option in the watch market.

An Orient Watch
An Orient Watch

Their watches have a special beauty and appeal and offer a wide variety to match your own unique taste. Thus Orient allows you to try out the trendy styles while staying in an affordable range.


Tissot is one of the widely praised brands in the watchmaking industry and is also a member of the Swatch Group. They make some really entry level watches for Swiss collectors which are high-quality premium grade models. 

A Tissot Watch
A Tissot Watch

Their Tissot Dream watch is a uniquely beautiful Swiss timepiece which is very affordable, stylish but simple and elegant, thus giving it a very classy look.


Timex – one of the largest watchmakers, is an American brand that offers high-quality watches at very reasonable price ranges. Their exceptional commitment to consumer needs and wonderful marketing has helped them a lot in making their position in the watch market.

A Timex Watch
A Timex Watch

Timex pays special attention to maintaining the high value of its timepieces as they have kept their focus on providing outstanding quality at affordable prices. But this has not at all left them behind in the area of modern technology or style thus aiding them in holding a good position amongst its buyers.


Casio is a Japanese brand known worldwide for its enduring and dependable large watches. This is one of the first companies to develop quartz crystal watches, both digital as well as analog.

An Edifice Casio Watch
An Edifice Casio Watch

They are one of the renowned watch manufacturers that have an exciting range of prices such that you can easily get a cheap watch having good quality. Thus this watchmaker company offers extremely affordable and quality timepieces which draw customers to this classic brand.


G-Shock – the Casio’s water and shock resistant watch, was created after the idea that a timepiece should be made that would represent a Triple 10 concept i.e a watch with 10 bar water resistance, bearing 10-meter free-fall and a battery life of 10 years.

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A Casio G-Shock Watch
A Casio G-Shock Watch

Hence the G-Shock watch proves to be a very tough timepiece with great durability. As discussed in the above heading, Casio watches come in a really affordable range of prices.


Shinola is an American luxury brand which has timepieces of outstanding quality compared to the prices. Their watches are similar to the Tissot brand in regards to the designs and movements. Shinola makes beautiful watches with enduring designs and offers one of the best warranty in the watchmaking industry.

A Shinola Watch
A Shinola Watch

Retailed at very affordable ranges, this watch brand holds a position in the hearts of its buyers.

Our Recommendations

When you talk about watch world, you can go on and on in listing down names that would seem just perfect for choice. But it’s only you who can tell for yourself what goes with your preferences and desires. So make a decision by choosing the timepiece that would not only go easy on your wallet but also will be a source of satisfaction later on, because it’s not necessary that every trend appeals to your heart too.

Hope you found our article beneficial in providing you the information you needed. 

We wish you the best of luck for your investment.

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